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The Tetrads are an unusual find in the Beatles tribute industry, as all four members are only in their twenties. Since 2009, they have been regularly performing at the 'Abbey Road Tokyo’Beatles Club, a top Japanese prestigious music venue in Roppongi, the most upmarket part of Toyko, visited by famous musicians around the world.

Keep your eyes on "The Tetrads", the frontrunners for the next generation!


* Hirotaka KOUGO as John(Vo.Guiter) D.O.B. 6th May 1986

* Nobuhiko "NOBU" Hoshi as Paul(Vo.Bass) D.O.B. 21st June 1988

* Hiromichi "KIN-chang" Kaneko as George(Vo.Guiter) D.O.B. 6th August 1987

* Hisashi "SEN" Satoh as Ringo(Vo.Drums) D.O.B. 13rd August 1986

The Other The Tetrads Web-Site

@kougo1009 (John) / @Hoshi1959 (Paul)
@kaneko1129 (George) / @Senbals (Ringo)

Facebook (John) / (Paul) (Ringo)

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